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Why Wine-oji?

We are three passionate wine professionals and sommeliers with many years’ experience in wine and hospitality, both in New Zealand and overseas. Through our extensive restaurant experience and connecting daily with people like you buying and drinking wine, we’ve come to realise that you just want to know what’s in the bottle, what the wine really tastes like and whether you will enjoy it.

It all begins with consumer education.

Our creation of Wine-oji® has revolutionised the way wine is viewed, marketed and enjoyed. We understand that wine can be daunting for some but should be enjoyed by all!

After multiple years building our relationships and reputation in the industry, the Wine-oji® Team is the perfect choice to discover your wine in an engaging and enjoyable way.

Our Wine-oji® service also reaches you in your home!

Cooking confit duck tonight? Want to know which wine pairs best with your lamb burger? Whether you’re entertaining or just feel like something delicious to drink with your favourite dish, we’re here to help you feel more confident finding the perfect wine for the occasion – even in your home. We’ve designed our clever search function to easily help you find new wines based on key aromas, flavours and even food matches.

Discover your new wine today through the world of Wine-oji®.

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Quiz your friends, blind taste, and hone your palate with the Wine-oji Classic Wine Styles cards and posters.

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The Birthplace of Wine-oji®


It all started at Noble Rot Wine Bar in Wellington, New Zealand!

We spend our days and nights serving, tasting, talking and teaching wine at the coalface of the restaurant business.

Time and again we’re asked: ‘Is it dry?’, ‘Is it oaky?’, ‘What’s the difference…?’, ‘Does it taste nice?’

We realised that many people must have these questions when they are buying wine for themselves at home, for a party, or for that special someone.

We wanted to extend our sommelier service outside the restaurant industry through a system of appealing imagery, to communicate to you at home what is in your bottle.

We started designing a library of fruit and floral images and, before we knew it, Wine-oji® was born!