Classic Wine Styles of The World


  • The Wine-oji® Classic Cards range illustrates classic styles of wine from around the world: the ultimate tool for learning about wine regions, grape varieties and taste. 
  • Discover the world of wine through the Wine-oji® Classic Wine Styles of The World pack, which presents classic varieties from major growing regions, giving a broad insight into the fundamental wine styles from around the world.
  • What is the difference between Chardonnay from Burgundy compared with the Napa Valley? What does Grüner Veltliner taste like? How does a traditional Bordeaux blend differ from a Super Tuscan?
  • Master your blind tasting skills and use as flashcards for enhanced study.
  • Have fun with friends while enjoying a glass of wine, or gift to a wine lover or novice!
  • Made with high-quality, durable material and shrink-wrapped for a classy finish. 

What’s included: 51 Classic Cards, 9 Wine-oji® Library Cards and Wine-oji® action leaflet.